Laurier Avenue Safety Review Final Report

The city has released a big safety review of the Laurier Avenue bike lane. It's really big - 250MB. It's available in a Dropbox link, but since that might disappear at any time I've socked away my own copy, which you're welcome to read!

You'll probably want to right-click and "Save as" on the link. I can't get it to open in my browser's normal PDF viewer.


Sidewalks are for signs that are for drivers, dontchaknow

The constant stream of obstacles and grief sidewalk users have to put up with drives me nuts sometimes. Sometimes being driven nuts drives me to tweet. Other times it drives me to write letters like the one I just sent, below, to Dan Séguin, Manager of Media and Public Affairs at Hydro Ottawa.

Mr. Séguin has already replied that he's received my email and is forwarding it internally for a response. I'll update this post when it comes.

Bicycle Licensing report by the City of Ottawa, 2012

The idea that cities should license bicycles, or the people riding them, will keep coming up until the heat death of the universe. Did you know the City of Ottawa has already looked into it? Below is the response to a councillor's inquiry about it, which I post here so it's always easy to find down the road. Because this "good idea" will keep coming up until the heat death of the universe.