Who is Richardson Kennings?

Who is Richardson Kennings? Why "he" is the alias I use when signing random petitions I am curious about. It's good to see what the other side is doing.

I don't remember ever sending him to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. So I'm not sure how they were able to send me this letter, which arrived today.

Perhaps I've forgotten - Kennings and variations like him get around. 

I'm almost certain the only time I've used the "-son" variant is for signing the ridiculous SunTV petition "in support" of their mandatory carriage push a few months ago. Perhaps they sold or lent the list to the CTF?

The letter is for fundraising purposes. It opens by telling me how much a few band chiefs and council members made in 2009. Then it converts those amounts to the equivalent amount per year "for those of us who pay income taxes".

That is a pretty ugly tone.

The same letter, but calling out billions in waste by government itself would be fine by me. But the overtones here are hideous. I wonder how long the CTF has been trotting this letter to raise money "from those of us who pay income taxes"?

But hey - if you donate $150 or more you get a copy of Tom Flanagan's /classic book/ "First Nations? Second Thoughts".

Richardson is not interested. He's also retired. Time to pick a new alias.