Two Toddlers Hit At Sunrise

I don't know any details about the car that hit two kids in Kanata this morning, but since the CFRA article was so specific that it happened at 7:50am, here's exactly where the sun would have been at that time. It was rising out of the south-east (bottom-right in the screenshot).

Update: CBC has an update. The kids are out of CHEO. CBC has the time at 8:50 but starts to cover the more likely cause of the accident: rolling stops. 

So I'm guessing the driver was heading east through the intersection, or was turning left (southbound from the street at the top). 

I suppose I shouldn't second guess the Ottawa Police's decision not to lay charges on the driver, but can't we emphasize that drivers should be responsible for showing "an abundance of caution?"

If you're blinded no driving is safe. How is being blinded by the sun (kind of predictable at sunrise when heading east) different than being blinded by a poorly scraped, snow covered windshield?

Picture via The Photographer's Ephemeris.