Some cold hard cash in support of cooperation and Electoral Reform

Reading that federal Liberal leadership hopeful Joyce Murray believes the Greens, Liberals and NDP need to co-operate in the next election to win and pass electoral reforms motivated me to donate to her campaign. My wallet is $100 lighter (only $25 lighter after rebate) but my spirits are lifted also. I have no idea if she's going to win but if my few dollars helps her stay in the running and bring that message to the national debates, well, that's money well spent.

I wrote her an email as well to explain why I donated and cc'ed my local MP, Paul Dewar.


I am a member of the Green party but donated to your Liberal leadership campaign as a direct result of your support for co-operation among the Liberals, NDP and Greens to win the next election then push through electoral reforms. I wish you success - and I hope you can convince some of your colleagues to agree with you.

Cc'ed is my local NDP MP, Paul Dewar. Mr. Dewar, I hope you will discuss this with Mr. Mulcair so that the leaders (and backbenchers) of all parties can come together before the writ drops in 2015 when it will be too late.

We need to be bold - and simply ignore whatever "coalition histrionics" Mr. Harper emits. Canadians are eager for politicians who can get agree and make progress.

Best regards,
Kevin O'Donnell
Ottawa Centre

Does my action make a difference? Yes, however small. But that's all politics is - lots of small differences that can add up to huge reforms if we all put our backs into it. No matter what party you support - or more importantly if you support no party at all - I recommend you donate to Murray's campaign and let her know why. Electoral reform needs momentum - and this is an opportunity to give it some.