#RoboTweets: the next manipulation frontier. #ottpoli: you're first

Two tweets popped up within 30 minutes of eachother today on #ottpoli but have nothing to do with today's political events (Wynne is being sworn in). Hashtag spam isn't new or notable, but these two are more interesting due to the coordination.

Check out the "via" lines: MessagePlanner and TweetzScheduler. A little Internet digging shows the domain names for those twitter apps are both registered to Sharon Brian of Winston-Salem. If you visit planmsg.com and twitschedule.com and "view source" you'll quickly see they are the same service just with different names. This is a simple strategy to get around "twitter app" posting limits, as well as lessen the obviousness that one source is emitting scheduled & similar tweets.

It's the robocall equivalent of changing caller-id numbers to blur the fact all the calls are coming from one system.

I should say that Sharon Brian, of Winston-Salem, is providing a completely above board service. Just like RackNine is an entirely above board telephony service provider. Someone else is behind the tweets and we'll never know who.

My guess is someone's trying to salt today's discussion about Wynne's new cabinet, the casino issues, horse racing, and other strong wedge issues. The tweet actually comes from an older conference call shortly after Wynne was chosen as Liberal leader:

I have my own axes to grind with the Liberal government, and am not a fan of the casino either. But I thought its worth pointing out that someone, somewhere, might be trying to manipulate us.