Ottawa's Put Food in the Budget Challenge

On Monday I will be joining Ottawa's Put Food in the Budget Challenge Team to raise awareness of the need to improve the food options available to people who are on social assistance. The challenge is to walk for a week in someone else's shoes. Starting Monday I will be eating only what the Partage Vanier foodbank has determined is a typical diet for someone on social assistance.

The event's organizers have given us the option of participating for three or five days. My plan is to go all five days of course - but I'm left wondering: why have we been given the option? Is it because the amount of food is really so terribly insufficient that they predict some of us will have to end early? I suppose I'll know by Wednesday.

The next update will be on Sunday when I visit my grocery store to buy the equivalent of a food bank hamper. Check out the @putfoodinbudget tweet stream for updates about the entire campaign and for information on how to participate.

Until Sunday...