The moral judgement of stopping a car where you shouldn't

I spotted a van blocking the Laurier bike lane the other day and called it into 3-1-1. By-law was there in under ten minutes and the officer asked me which ticket I'd prefer he issue. Stopping-ina-no-stopping or stopping-ina-bikelane?

"Both?" earned me a wry "sorry". I opted for the bicycle ticket because that's what was more important to me. Turns out I did the driver a bit of a favour. Blocking a bike lane costs $75, but blocking a car lane $90. Just one more way the system is geared to say that cars are more important than bikes. The fines vary if you'd like to check them out.

So, if a driver coming down Albert in the afternoon rush hour stops on the south side and blocks a handful of cars and a handful of people - $90.

If they stop on the north side and plug up the OCTranspo bustrain - and thousands of riders - $85.

And if they stop in a bike lane? Well, I'll keep calling it in, because even $75 adds up to big money if it's easy pickings, like this one at Westboro station the next day: