The Men's Project - Clean Energy Benefit redirection - Part 5

Each hydro bill I recieve a 10% discount, like everyone else, even though it serves no purpose for my household. Every month I redirect the discount to a group that can put the money to better use. In Part 4 of this series I gave a full-on explanation of why the "Clean Energy Benefit" is a wasteful program so I'll not go into it this time around.

My CEB is $11.61 this month. I've sent it, along with a bit extra, to The Men's Project. If you're inclined to think they could use the money more than you need your hydro rebate, click here for their charitable donation page at

The CEB adds up to a lot of money, province wide, year-over-year. What a waste.

Beneficiary Amount Date
The Men's Project $11.61 Apr, 2013
Ottawa Food Bank $10.80 Feb, 2013
Daybreak Housing $7.31 Dec, 2012
Christie Lake Kids $6.96 Oct, 2012
Causeway Work Centre $11.49 Aug, 2012
Total: $48.27