The Lego Movie: Everything is not Awesome.

Everything is not awesome.

So, yeah - The Lego Movie. It passes the Bechdel test with a three sentence exchange between Wyldstyle and Unikitty, though the first sentence is actually Unikitty addressing every character as a group. Arguably the same could be said for the third sentence. Around 10 seconds in a 100 minute movie. That's 0.16% of the movie. Weak.

The asterisk on a "pass" rating really makes sense now:

Please keep in mind that a movie scoring a [Smiley] does not mean it is at all "good" or feminist friendly, just that it passes all tests.

More generally, Wyldstyle is a strong character. She is the "ninja" of the movie. A fighter. Fearless. Skilled. Unfortunately her screen debut focusses on her beauty and how that affects Emmett. One of Wyldstyle's longest dialogue runs is when she explains most of the backstory to Emmet. But her dialogue is litterally replaced with "blah blah pretty face blah blah" as Emmett tunes out her words to focus on her looks.

Throughout the plot she serves as Emmett's love interest, with classic conflict between that and Wyldstyle's standing status as Batman's girlfriend.

Dear Lego Movie writers: may all the world's lost pieces of Lego materialize under your naked feat as you step out of bed each morning. Do a better job with The Lego Movie 2 because my daughter will definitely want to see it.