Laurier Bike Lane Stats for Bay, Lyon and Metcalfe up to Q4 2012

Q4 stats are up! Just a housekeeping post to let you know that I've updated the fancy Google chart widget. The spreadsheet is also available.

Anytime you come up aginst someone who says we shouldn't build bike infrastructure because "it's not used for 6 months of the year", point them to this chart. Ottawa bikers go all year and overall usage only slows down for two months. We build schools to sit empty for longer than that. Let's just keep building cycling infrastructure, shall we?

Weekday Ridership

Weekend Ridership

All Stats for All Time

Alex deVries asked for all of the data so I went a created the same charts for all of the bike counters. Once again, weekday and weekend splits. The spreadsheet is also available.

Weekdays, all counters:

Weekends, all counters: