I almost didn't bike to work today, twice.

In the end I did bike to work today. But I almost didn't, twice. At my front door I made a split second decision to check when the bus was coming and started pulling out my phone. Then I remembered my Presto card is still bungled and the idea of paying cash (again) was enough to get me on my bike instead.

I know I'll enjoy the ride once I start - but the small, tiny hurdle of getting started can still stop me. Not today!

On go the snow pants, double gloves, and forcefield of cold-weather-you-will-not-defeat-me smugness. Unlock the bike, turn on the blinky lights, and head out. Wunderbar!

Pick up some speed. Click to shift. No shift. Frozen derailleur. Ah crap.

In the span of two minutes I've gone from 'meh' for a winter bike ride to annoyed that now I'll have to take the bus. Irrational, but there you go. But I'm rolling so I may as well head to Westboro station and pick up a bus there.

I take Kirkwood and my legs are spinning in a ridiculous fasion, confirming for me there is no way I want to go all the way to work like this. Cross Richmond not even bothering to pedal anymore, it's all down hill and I can't keep up. A left, a right and I'm almost at Scott. It's chilly and I haven't had a chance to warm up. I'm looking forward to getting on that warm bus. Almost there.

Click. My pending derailleur shift from back at the start comes through.

My bike's gears have shifted but my brain isn't as fast. But. But. Now I have to bike to work! And it's still cold, and now I have to take Scott instead of Gladstone (Tyndall, all is forgiven!), and waaaa, waaaa, waaaa.

I turned right instead of left, leaving Westboto station behind. No bike lanes are plowed, but neither is most of the right-hand lane anyway, transforming it into a defacto bike lane. Scott all the way downtown, then Albert, up the goat hill.

Traffic is light. No honks, no stress. I can feel the I'm-about-to-be-too-hot coming on. Fingers never even got chilly. Across the school parking lot to Laurier, float down to Bank. Saunter south to Lisgar. Arrived!

I'm looking forward to the ride home, on Gladstone (shakes fist at Tyndall).