Gas price regulation is no solution to rising energy costs

Regulating the price of gas at the pumps is no solution to rising energy costs. I won't make arguments about why it doesn't work, though I could. Instead here is proof that it doesn't work.

Courtesy of here is an animated chart of retail gas prices in Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia for the last several years. Alberta and Ontario do not have regulated gas prices. Nova Scotia does. Can you tell the difference? I didn't think so. I spot checked a few of the chart's prices against Nova Scotia's Utility and Review Board data and they match.

Animated chart of Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia gas prices

If one Green Party candidate can poke this large of a hole in the Ontario NDP's platform in 10 minutes (ok, the Internet helped out), imagine what Green MPPs could do for Ontario in the Legislature. Let's get back to gas prices though.

The Green Party believes the only long term and sensible solution to rising energy costs is to encourage conservation and improve efficiency. That's why we believe it's better to cut personal and business taxes and adopt British Columbia's carbon pricing system. This encourages people and businesses to decide what they want to do with their hard earned dollars: drive more or decide to try and keep money in their wallet by choosing alternatives.

Our platform doesn't pander to voters. Instead we offer mature solution to difficult problems: exactly what Ontario needs.