Flashmob the Paint It Up murals

A random thing. Below is an #opendata map of murals in Ottawa. I think it would be cool to do a distributed flashmob and get new photos taken. What do they look like now? Covered in snow? Who knows?

So I propose we fan out and do a "distributed" flash mob. Same time period, different locations, snap-upload-share-discover. 

It's a chance to discover some new things about Ottawa anyway. Might be cool. Might flop. Who cares!

If interested go take some pictures and upload them to this album I created on Smugmug http://www.smugmug.com/photos/guest/8Fkr2w/flashmob at which point you'll be able to see them in the actual album here http://kevino.smugmug.com/Paint-It-Up-Murals-Flashmob


View Paint it up Murals! in a larger map