Email about Catholic School Funding

Mass emails to the GPO contact list sometimes go out under my name as Deputy Leader. It's always interesting because I'll get replies from people I've never met before. A recent mailing touched on the topic of Catholic schools and I got a reply from someone who wasn't happy we support a fully secular system. For the record, my reply:

The reason we've adopted a 100% secular public school position is based on a key value of opposing discrimination. Currently Ontario discriminates against all religions other than Catholic - because taxpayers only fund one religious school system. Voters have already rejected funding all religious schools - the only choice left is to end the separate school system.

Catholics would still be free to form private schools - as many other faiths do already. There are privately run Jewish and Protestant schools in Ottawa. Freedom would still exist.

There's also the problem of employment discrimination: teachers are public servants, but one-third of schools are out of bounds for non-Catholic teachers. We're accustomed to this situation - but that doesn't mean it is right (in my opinion). 

For example, I was raised Catholic (I guess I still am!) but am choosing to not raise my daughter in any particular faith. My sister is raising her kids Catholic - my niece is the same age as my daughter.

In 15 years they both might want to be teachers & graduate from teachers college with identical marks. In such a case, my daughter's job prospects as a public servant (a teacher in a publicly funded system) would be much poorer than my niece's - simply based on her religion. There is no justice there. In no other aspect of government services would we allow employers to discriminate based on religious grounds.

So I do believe our position on ending separate school funding is grounded in Green values. I accept you may still disagree - but I hope this explanation helps nonetheless.