Development Application Sausage - How's it made? tracks the status of every development application at the City of Ottawa and keeps track of the date of each change. Below is a directed graph of how each development application has proceeded through various states. It is not perfect since OttWatch is tracking a lot of applications starting "in the middle" - and is missing the real "first state".

For example, a few devapps in the database "start" with the status "Comment Period Has Ended". Obviously that's not how it really started - but that was the state of some devapps when OttWatch came on the scene in early 2013. The next graph update will be better - I'll be able to filter out devapps that are "broken" in this way. For now I've left them in to catch more data - just be advised that the "START" node has too many children that it should at this point.

Open in Fusion Tables.