The Consistency of Bike Commuting

I use Google's MyTracks to record my morning and evening bicycle commute from home in Westboro to Centretown for work. The route changes very little. Sometimes I start it from kiddo's school and take Byron. Othertimes it's from home and I take backroads until Fisher Park. Coming home I usually take Scott.

MyTracks has a nice feature that it tracks both the total time (same as your watch) and moving time (not including time stopped at lights). After my first 150km since boarding my new bike what I'm a bit surprised by is the consistency of how long the commute takes: 20 to 23 minutes - just about every time.

This includes lazy days, rainy days, and even one moderately hungover day (morning commute only).

Sometimes in the morning I'm tempted to take the bus. But at this point, it's impossible for me to convince myself it will be faster (and service for me is about as good as it gets).

Goes to show that for trips in the 5km (or 6km in this case) - biking is definitely the way to get around. Given how many cars I zip past on Gladstone right now in the morning I wouldn't trade biking for a car any day.