Chilling out on a chilly walk

I am blessed with a kid who's super easy to parent. Really, super easy. For instance, mornings are generally a breeze. Since less than a year old wake-up has been at 6:30 and out-the-door has been at 7:40 - first for daycare and now for school. Everyday is much the same: wake up and two minute cuddle, then I make breakfeast while she slumbers on the couch for extra winks. Then easy peasy: eat, brush, dress, play, coat & shoes and out the door.

This is not to say it's always perfect. Today I insisted on Clothing-Item-A while she wanted Clothing-Item-B. Oi. We compromised by her wearing B under A and then she could take it off at school if she wanted to. By compromise I mean I just told her that's what was going to happen.

No scandal, no explosions, so easy peasy. But while I packed up the last of my stuff and we set off out the door I was getting the cold shoulder. Fair enough - I don't like being told what to do either.

Off we go. It's a 1km walk to school. About 15 minutes. Down the street, around the corner, past the old corner store. No problems but the silence continues. Two minutes in and I try the usual Goofy-Dad angle to draw her out.

Not ready.

This is where the walk helps, I think. We just walked in silence with her trailing slightly behind. Goofy Dad pops out again by zig zagging a bit. I don't even need to look to know she's playing "follow". I zag again and now I get a giggle.

The coast is clear.

More zigs. Another zag. Then I go for the gold and loop back around. We chase eachother in a tight circle on the sidewalk, giggles abound, and we're back to normal.

It was cold this morning but the walk is no longer chilly.

Taking the time to walk together in the morning created a nice space to leave one place and get to another. We both got to leave Grumpville (I didn't say I'm easy-peasy to put up with BTW) and get back to giggles before she got to school and I headed to work.

Walking. It's the bestest.