The Angry Eye - casual racism

UPDATE: In the time it took me to write this entry Larry O'Brien's apologized for the tweet. That's important.

A few days ago Larry O'Brien tweeted something offensive, got called on it, then deleted the tweet and rationalized why his political incorrectness is a great and powerful tool.

This evening a friend shared the below videos on Facebook. I'd love to see Larry take a seat with the other blue eyed kids so I could ask him afterwards if he still thinks casual use of racial slurs is a good idea. I recommend the two videos; 30 minutes well spent.

Racism and bigotry are things people cannot escape. O'Brien got to lose an election and retire from politics to win a reprieve from the chattering-classes-and-liberal-media. The recipient of a slur, be it intentionally hateful or simply uttered in ignorance, gets no reprieve. The onslaught is constant and forever, which is the point Jane Elliott sets out to make in the videos.

As for thinking that political incorrectness is ok if used to get a point across, let's finish with something another friend posted this evening:

The Art of Manliness blog had a great post today on the difference between politicians and statesmen. The following is particularly relevant: "... the statesman harnesses the power of the written, and especially the spoken word. He is the master orator. His lifelong study of great books and the lessons of history allow him to speak to the people in intelligent, potent, well-reasoned arguments."

Cheers to that.