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Question: Is OSEG signing leases with no-compete agreements?

Reading the latest Strong Towns on the failure of purpose built "districts" to work out, one item caught my eye right away, relevant to Lansdowne:

To attract higher rents, developers will sign agreements to limit competition. For example; a coffee shop, such as Starbucks, may sign a contract only under the agreement the developer will not rent to a competing firm even if a demand exists. This limits the development’s ability to adapt to market changes.

Part 3: Redirecting my Clean Energy Benefit to Daybreak Housing

Another hydro bill has arrived and Ontario has added another $7.31 to the deficit on my behalf. While the amount is small, about three coffees, when you apply it to every household in Ontario it adds up to $950 million each year. That's roughly 1/15th of Ontario's entire deficit rolled into one line-item.

re: Vindictive leftists show their pettiness going after Rob Ford

I thought it would be a few more days before I found the energy to blog after the federal by-elections. Turns out all it took was to get really mad about something. My last blog was about getting a subscription to the Ottawa Citizen so that my daughter would have print-news lying around the house in the hopes it would lead to a lifetime to news consumption. I never finished university so I'm not officially edumacated but I think I'm pretty well informed. I attribute that to a lifetime of news consumption.

Raising a reader might mean using some paper

By the time I moved out on my own, at 20, in 1995, the Internet had been born and my job was to help build a little piece of it in Canada for iSTAR Internet. I had Internet access (56k!) for home and spent all day in the office with an Internet connection that was as fast as you could get at the time. Things are faster, better, and mobile seventeen years later - but when it comes to consuming the news I do it the same way as I did then, online.