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Kirkwood and Clare Intersection, redux

I just fired off an email to the planner in charge of the Kirkwood/Clare intersection redesign, the Ottawa cycling team staff, and Councillor Hobbs. This is kind of hyper-local for me, but an east/west connection for cycling is missing between Byron and Carling. Making the Kirkwood/Clare intersection rock-solid for biking makes east/west traversals very safe since you can meander through relatively quiet streets.

A Bike Ride Home from School - February Edition

Anytime someone tells me that biking in the winter isn't something that should be encouraged, I'll point them at this, then ask them to re-evaluate. Roads are clear and dry for most winter days - why not bike on them? 

Also, there is this: "The Link Between Kids Who Walk or Bike to School and Concentration".

March is a great month to start biking!

Have you filled out the Liveable Ottawa survey?

Since I just inflicted this email on my Ottawa based contact list, I figured I'd share it here too. You've filled out the survey, right?

Updated: Amy wrote back to comment on how the survey has some deficiencies, see below.


Things are very hectic as we prepare for a snap provincial election, so I've been remiss in emailing you about an important topic. I'll make this quick!