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Ottawa Time Machine - Museum of Nature

The city has launched a new mapping tool that has aerial photos from as long ago as 1958. I could spend hours tooling around and showing you stuff, but you should load up the tool and enjoy it yourself. Click the "I Want To" button at the top and choose "historical aerial photos".

As a taste of what you can find - here's what the Museum of Nature (or Museum of Man at the time?) looks like in 1958 vs. 2011. I never new the eastern pathway through the (diminished) park was originally part of a circle. Click to embiggen. 

Will Planning Committee "hold the line" this time?

(Original blog post replaced with this one). They did hold the line. The original blog post that was in this spot was so hastily written I decided to delete it. Besides, it's now moot with today's decision.


At Transportation Committee: Glebe Parking Study and 170 Second Ave Parking Garage

I'm about to speak this into the record at today's Transportation Committee meeting, give or take a verbal tick or two. If you'd like to read the full staff report here it is. There are additional documents if you visit the agenda and scroll down to the "GLEBE" agenda item.

After Earth Hour

Earth Hour is just one hour out of the year - it is a chance to talk about climate change and connect with people who are as committed to seeing solutions happen as you are. Now, after Earth Hour, it's time to turn those connections into political action. Below I've prepared a few emails to all three levels of government and would encourage you to send them as your own, or customize them to match your own priorities. Change begins with you! I've added myself as a CC to the email list - I'd also like to know what you have to say.

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