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Chilling out on a chilly walk

I am blessed with a kid who's super easy to parent. Really, super easy. For instance, mornings are generally a breeze. Since less than a year old wake-up has been at 6:30 and out-the-door has been at 7:40 - first for daycare and now for school. Everyday is much the same: wake up and two minute cuddle, then I make breakfeast while she slumbers on the couch for extra winks. Then easy peasy: eat, brush, dress, play, coat & shoes and out the door.

Minute differences in the Minutes

Today at Council an attempt was made to correct a staff error in relation to the minutes from April 24th. On that meeting's agenda was a motion to approve the Carling/Preston design plan, with a few exceptions. Notably, part 3(a) deferred the "mews" (aka: road) that is proposed for the eastern edge of the O-Train corridor. Here's the motion - I've bolded the important part:

Who is Richardson Kennings?

Who is Richardson Kennings? Why "he" is the alias I use when signing random petitions I am curious about. It's good to see what the other side is doing.

I don't remember ever sending him to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. So I'm not sure how they were able to send me this letter, which arrived today.

Perhaps I've forgotten - Kennings and variations like him get around. 

The Consistency of Bike Commuting

I use Google's MyTracks to record my morning and evening bicycle commute from home in Westboro to Centretown for work. The route changes very little. Sometimes I start it from kiddo's school and take Byron. Othertimes it's from home and I take backroads until Fisher Park. Coming home I usually take Scott.

Treasurer's Report on Development Charges - Planning Committee

I can't physically get to Planning Committee today to present a delegation, so an emailed one will have to do.

Mayor Watson, Councillors:

With regard to the Treasurer's Statement on Development Charges Reserve Funds for 2012 (Planning Committee on April 23)

I encourage you to pressure the province to amend the Development Charges Act so the City of Ottawa can capture more development charges for public transit purposes.

Intensification along Western LRT & Proactive Rezonings

With the announcement the city is looking at two new Western LRT route options I thought I would take a look at the New Orchard catchments. It is plainly in the city's interest to see intensification around LRT stations: less car commuting, more development charges, etc, etc. But you can't have intensification in established neighbourhoods without rezonings.