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Hudak will not promise lower electricity bills

I am going to start a top-ten list of news articles I hope everyone reads between now and October 6th. Here's is a quote from the first addition:

"Hudak wouldn’t offer any guarantees that electricity bills won’t go up under a Tory government." (Ontario Liberals on attack over Opposition plan to gut green energy)

Short and sweet.

Old Parties Present False Choices on Green Energy

Tory Leader Tim Hudak’s pledge to scrap the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program is a slap in the face to businesses, individuals, First Nations and community groups investing in safe, renewable energy projects. His pledge to cancel energy contracts already in place irresponsibly damages Ontario’s ability to attract investors and new businesses.

Great cleanup by the Urban Rideau Conservationists

Today was a beautiful day to join the Urban Rideau Conservationists in cleaning up the Rideau River. From New Edinburgh, Old Ottawa East and Old Ottawa South, people came together to clean up the Rideau River shoreline. As in years past, Bridgehead, Starbucks and Life of Pie provided refreshments and over a hundred people participated. My thanks to the organizers and all the volunteers.

Enviro-friendly construction cheaper long-term

Hume at The Star begins his article today with "What’s good for the environment is good for people" and I could not agree more. In Ontario we need more emphasis on the long term operating costs of our buildings and homes so that we can begin saving money in the long term. The long standing obsession with minimizing capital costs will only bankrupt us down the road.

Copyright infringement by the Damian Konstantinakos Campaign

As a strong supporter of democracy as a fundamental principle, I wanted to help all voters in Ottawa Centre to experience the April 28th riding debate at St. Paul's University. I'm a single Dad and understand it's not always possible to work around family, kids, and late working hours to attend community events. So I took off my Green Party hat and shared the statements of all of the Ottawa Centre federal candidates on Youtube.

Stonewalling of Elizabeth May by Consortium Executives Must End, #EMayIn

The TV execs are still stonewalling Elizabeth May and ignoring the opinions of the CBC Ombuds, RH Joe Clark, RH Paul Martin, and just about everyone who's heard about Elizabeth being denied access to the Leaders' Debates. The debates are in just 10 days.

Ashcroft Convent: Parkland and Levy Meeting #1 Notes

I attended the first of six information sessions that Kitchissippi councillor Katherine Hobbs is holding regarding the Ashcroft Convent land purchase. About 75 people attended and we were the first to hear the most sought after facts that until now were not available:

  • $11.5 million is needed to purchase the park: $9.1m for the land, $2.4m in legal fees and "compensation" to Ashcroft.