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Green Energy & Jobs Rally - Don’t Make Ontario Obsolete

I was very happy to head out and support the Lead Now Green Energy & Jobs rally today. It is important that we raise awareness of the need for renewable energy - and also couple that with a bigger focus on energy conservation and efficiency. After all, the cheapest kilowatt-hour is the one Ontario doesn't need to generate in the first place.

Head over to to learn more about the group and their worthy objectives!

Need to create jobs? Why, they grow in asphalt of course!

Today the province of Ontario announced a $200 million project to widen Highway 417 from Nicholas St. to the Highway 174 split. Aside from my predictable frustration that governments continue to spend huge amounts of money on new roads (without much debate) when other projects languish for lack of much smaller amounts of money, today's news coverage dutifully repeated an unsubstantiated claim:

Momentum to October - Momentum à Octobre

La version française suit.

I am very excited to be the Green Party of Ontario candidate for Ottawa Centre in the upcoming provincial election. Under Mike Schreiner's capable leadership we are set to achieve record results across the board in October. We have released our full platform and it provides sensible solutions to the issues we are facing today and for the years to come.

Driveway through Byron Avenue Linear Park revisted by Planning Committee

UPDATE: The Byron Path issue has been removed from the agenda for Tuesday. Peter Hume, Planning Committee Chair, writes: I can confirm that, at the request of Councillor Hobbs, this item - VEHICULAR ACCESS THROUGH THE BYRON AVENUE LINEAR PARK TO THE PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT AT 90 RICHMOND ROAD, 114 RICHMOND ROAD AND 380 LEIGHTON TERRACE – has been withdrawn. The November 2010 Council approved direction “ That access for development not be permitted across the Byron Linear Strip and adjacent Parkland” is in full force and effect.

Elizabeth May speaks at the Ottawa rally for Electoral Reform

On May 14th Canadians gathered across the nation to demand electoral reform. Only 40 percent of Canadians supported our government in the May 2 election and yet one party wound up with majority. The fact that one party can control Parliament after gaining only 1.8 percent more of the popular vote than in 2008 is a testament to the arbitrary and antiquated nature of Canada's Parliamentary system.

Annual General Meeting, Ottawa Centre GPO Constituency Association, June 8, 7pm

Our annual meeting is the forum where we renew our activities in Ottawa Centre each year. We sincerely hope that you can attend. This recently refurbished Sunnyside Library is fully accessible, and is served by bus routes #1 and #7.

Annual General Meeting
June 8, 2011 - 7pm
Program Room B, Ottawa Public Library – Sunnyside Branch,
1049 Bank Street, Ottawa