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Predictable side effect of Liberal electricity subsidies: more electricity consumption

In a previous blog I chastised the Ontario NDP's gasoline plan that will result in increased gas consumption and related health and environmental impacts. The underlying cause is price elasticity and its impacts on consumption. Today I'm going to look at the Liberal's existing "Clean Energy Benefit" and lay out the impact it will have on consumption and whether or not it is the best method of helping people with their energy costs.

Q&A: Working with Municipalities and Communities

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario published a list of their Top 12 "Asks" for the current election.

How will the Green Party meet the needs of Ontario municipalities?

One of the major challenges in our current economic climate is building diverse, resilient local economies. The Green Party is committed to working with municipalities on developing sensible, long-term solutions to the challenges our communities face. The Green Party will:

Water Conservation - The Blue Dot campaign

I want to see the City of Ottawa proceed with the next phase of the Ottawa River Action Plan so we can prevent raw sewage from being dumped into the river after it rains. But there is another important aspect to our use of water: conservation is easy. was in Old Ottawa South today promoting their water conservation campaign.

Q&A: Affordable Housing

Many families in Ottawa Centre and across Ontario live in housing that is substandard. These conditions impact the health of children and youth living in those homes. How would you ensure that the substandard housing issue is addressed both at a systemic and service delivery levels?

Ottawa Citizen Editorial Board - Video - G20 Public Inquiry

The Editorial Board at the Ottawa Citizen was an interesting experience. If I get a chance to watch it myself I'll write up some notes about what I found most interesting. But one thing stands out and we may not hear much about it during the campaign after this, so I will relay one story. Kate Heartfield asked about the G20.

Advance Voting Locations

On September 27, 28, 29 and 30 all voters in Ottawa Centre are able to visit any of the advance polls to vote. It does not have to be the one that is closest to you - all voters are eligible to vote at any of the polls. The polls are open daily from 10am to 8pm and you can register to vote on the spot with photo ID and proof of address.

Campaign Launch Party - September 3, 8pm

You're invited to the Ottawa Centre campaign launch on September 3rd, 8pm at the Rainbow Bistro (76 Murray Street). Join me, the campaign team and Green Party candidates from across the region to launch our campaigns in style. Meet the candidates, take in some entertainment, and enjoy the cash bar! We have created a Campaign Launch Facebook event - please share it with your friends!