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Cullen nomination plan creates a co-operation frame - know your Lakoff

The Pundit's Guide has laid out some of the issues facing Nathan Cullen's plan for joint nominations among Green, NDP and Liberal members in Conservative held ridings. The logistics of pulling it off are numerous and I won't review them again. Despite the difficulties I think there is merit in co-operating in a few ridings.

For the climate change denier in your family

The holidays means lots of get togethers with extended family and other folks you may not see on a regular basis. If any of them are climate change deniers and the topic comes up you'll want to be prepared. Talking about climate change to a denier is painful but remember there are other people within ear shot who may secretly wish someone would just put a blowhard in their place. Politely of course.

Ontario's Debt: Rolling over Bond Issues

As Finance critic I felt it important to get a sense of Ontario's current debt situation given the recent and evolving situations in Greece and Italy. How vulnerable is Ontario to interest rate fluctuations? The province's debt is made up of bonds of varying interest rates and maturity dates. Mainstream media coverage is usually limited to quoting absolute dollars ($240 billion in debt, $16 billion deficit) and there is no time to dig into the details. So I'm digging into the details myself. Politics aside this is just livelong learning in practice.