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Pics: Hampton Iona skaters

I mostly take pictures of landscapes and buildings (and bizarrely lots of traffic signs). I'm slowly working up to taking pictures of people - which is so much more fun. It's harder to get the shot because people are so much more expressive than trees, but when it clicks it's great.

Paddle to the Sea - How Elementary School has changed

I'm lucky to be able to volunteer at my daughter's school each week. I'm helping with their computer lab unit - the main contribution being booting up 20 computers before school starts so we don't lose any time. My daughter also loves having me there - she's my helper so that's special too. To me it's amazing how much more technology the kids are exposed to, even in JK/SK. Of course to them this is simply normal - so there old man!

Queensway Mystery Solved: Traffic jams can happen for no reason at all.

This video from the University of Nagoya shows how, even under perfect conditions, traffic jams form for no apparent reason. What happens is that changes in the distance between cars cause people to speed up and slow down which quickly devolves into a localized traffic jam.

Even more fastinating is that the jam moves backwards!

Traffic is really complicated stuff.