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The Lego Movie: Everything is not Awesome.

Everything is not awesome.

So, yeah - The Lego Movie. It passes the Bechdel test with a three sentence exchange between Wyldstyle and Unikitty, though the first sentence is actually Unikitty addressing every character as a group. Arguably the same could be said for the third sentence. Around 10 seconds in a 100 minute movie. That's 0.16% of the movie. Weak.

The asterisk on a "pass" rating really makes sense now:

Using small data to illustrate what Big Data can do

I'm using the Twitter API to scrape some data for a few projects I'm working on. From the scrape of my own account it's interesting to see the relationships that pop out - even in a rudimentary analysis of my tweets. The data I've pulled together is from:

  • All of my own tweets (and who is mentioned in those tweets).
  • All tweets where I'm mentioned (and everyone who is mentioned in those tweets).

Ok. So what?

Flashmob the Paint It Up murals

A random thing. Below is an #opendata map of murals in Ottawa. I think it would be cool to do a distributed flashmob and get new photos taken. What do they look like now? Covered in snow? Who knows?

So I propose we fan out and do a "distributed" flash mob. Same time period, different locations, snap-upload-share-discover. 

I almost didn't bike to work today, twice.

In the end I did bike to work today. But I almost didn't, twice. At my front door I made a split second decision to check when the bus was coming and started pulling out my phone. Then I remembered my Presto card is still bungled and the idea of paying cash (again) was enough to get me on my bike instead.

I know I'll enjoy the ride once I start - but the small, tiny hurdle of getting started can still stop me. Not today!

Traffic and Parking By-Law Consolidated to January 2012

I asked for the updated Traffic and Parking by-law since there are so many concerns swirling around a cyclist getting a ticket for "taking the lane". Jump to Section 96.

This copy of the by-law includes all amendments up to January 2012. I've asked if there are any amendments not yet included. Will update here when I hear.

Consolidation 2011-530 Traffic and Parking By-Law Jan 2012

PMO in the Driver's Seat: The Game

A lunchtime distraction I created so you too could have a lunchtime distraction.

Click inside the playing area, then use your left and right arrows to score talking points.

Side note: this was created using -- an educational programming tool suitable for kids and adults too. You can see how the game was constructed here and start hacking it right away if you like.