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Action Against Electoral Fraud protest, Ottawa, Monday Mar 5 12pm

Thanks to the organizers for putting the rally together and to the roughly 300 who braved a very cold day to come out. In all we had another 250 participate through the video stream so for a short notice event with no budget I have to say JOB WELL DONE.

The media were out so the efforts have the desired effect: Canadians will set the agenda on this issue and make sure it doesn't get sidelined by crafty spin doctoring (on all sides).

My cellphone got called a few times while recording so that's why the archive is in three parts.

In Hot Water with Nuclear Power

A lot of people believe nuclear power is fine and dandy. Provided nothing ever explodes it addresses air pollution from coal and fossil fuel electricity generation. The land and water impacts from resource extraction are still present but that's Northern Ontario's problem right? Out of sight out of mind.

Running again for GPO Male Deputy Leader

I've decided to run for GPO Male Deputy Leader again this year. I just pushed an email to the people who supported my nomination last year asking for their support once again - this is required to confirm my registration in the race. Once that's done it's time to get on the phones, sign up new members, renew members, and grow the party. Check out my GPO race page for information on how to join the party and help out.

And here I thought I'd be done with elections until 2015!