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"I was paying attention" is the worst aggressive driving defence

I live on a crescent but it's just off Clare (a wide street) and Kirkwood (a busy inner-city route). Anyone heading to my street from Kirkwood (especially if northbound) tends to make the left-hand turn very quickly. I know this because even though I drive slow 18-year old me is on my shoulder telling me to step on it.

Luxury spending or pay down debt even faster

I'm going to talk about luxury spending but I don't mean diamonds and around the world cruises. I'm talking about anything you don't need to make it through the day. Roof over your head? Not a luxury. The coffee I am drinking at Bridgehead as I write this before heading to work? A luxury. Four days a week, sometimes with muffin or croissant (or both), works out to $1400/yr. That's a little under half my property tax bill (you know, the one that always sneaks up on you).

MacLead & Harder vs. Blackburn: It's not about Broadview or the kids, it's about the Budget vote

Thought so. The hubbub about MPP Lisa MacLeod and Councillor Jan Harder picking on a local school trustee has nothing to do with looking after constituents. It's all about creating a controversy so empty rhetoric can be delivered to future voters. On one hand it makes me mad. On the other hand, as a candidate past and future, I marvel at the puppetmaster ingenuity of it all. Well done Lisa! Here's the choice nugget from Mark Brownlee's coverage: