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Churchill Avenue Reconstruction - Pics and PDF preview

The actual public info session on the Churchill Avenue rebuild will probably have more details than this, but here's a few illustrations as well as the (very large) PDF design showing the intersection designs, bike lanes, sidewalks, etc. The bike lane designs at Carling have improved significantly since the previous draft. Curious that only three of the four pedestrian crossings get zebra stripes (I suppose that'll be my question on Tuesday)

Land Value Taxation and MPAC's property tax assessment problems

There are many problems with our current municipal tax system and resulting MPAC assessments. Moving Ontario to Land Value Taxation (LVT) would be a step in the right direction by removing some of the distortions in our current property tax regime. I'm about to get a ~9% tax increase as a penalty for living in a neighbourhood that other people want to move into, though I'm not consuming 10% more water, roads, or garbage collection as I do it.

Twitter as Canonical Contact Coordinates

Twice in the last seven days I've been contacted by the media via Twitter direct message. It's worked well considering in both cases I responded immediately. This indicates I either spend too much time close to a mobile phone or Twitter is rapidly becoming the lowest resistance method for getting a hold of someone. Or both.

If you have comments on this topic (wait for it), DM me!


Helping Christie Lake Kids instead of subsidizing pollution

My October electricy bill has arrived and this issue's 10% pollution subsidy (or "Clean Energy Benefit" as it's called on the bill) is $6.96. This will be the smallest amount for the year but, across Ontario, the 10% discount adds up to $950 million in new debt. This is money down the drain today and more money down the drain forever to pay the interest charges.

There are much better things we could do with that amount of money: