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Churchill Avenue Reconstruction - Public Art

The city has determined that all of the public art money attached to the Churchill Avenue reconstruction will be used for installations at Churchill and Byron. The city's public art coordinator was at the information session and was kind enough to forward these details for where exactly the installations might be. Click to embiggen:

Laurier Bike Lane Stats for Bay, Lyon and Metcalfe Q3 2012

The Q3 open data bike stats are up. Here they are in fancy Google widget format. I've broken them down by weekday/weekend but it occurs to me that many of the dips in the 'weekday' chart correspond to long weekends. If you'd like to hack a "workday/weekend" version of this you can make a copy of this Google spreadsheet. Let me know - would be happy to share the results.

Dwight Duncan Whopper Watch

Dwight Duncan provided this quote, which I've fixed (bold) to be more factually correct:

Mr. Duncan said the legislature is missing only about 18 sitting days by proroguing for an indefinite period, and it also sat an extra 12 days last summer, but also ends the investigation of a contempt of parliament charge and the death of over a hundred pieces of legislation.

Shannon Avenue and the Convent

Why does the city's portion of the widened Shannon Avenue have to come away from Byron Park, but the private lane portion on Ashcroft's property go further out? One idea to limit the impact on Shannon residents is to have the city's portion of the road match the alignment of Ashcroft's driveway. Perhaps that's the idea, but Ashcroft's site plan doesn't reflect the city's actual plans for their part of the road.

All the details are here.