Another hydro bill, another wasteful use of deficit spending. CEB redirection part 4

Each hydro bill I recieve a 10% discount, like everyone else, even though it serves no purpose. This month the Government of Ontario added $10.80 to the debt just for me even though "helping" me changes absolutely nothing in my household. I'm lucky to not be on the financial edge.

OTAG says no to road pricing and points out why it's needed

Kevin MacDonald of OTAG (not to be confused with me - of the clan O'Donnell) was kind enough to answer my question on OTAG's road pricing position. In short, OTAG does not support road pricing. His answer is quite detailed and you can read it in full in the comments to my previous post.

In principle a road tax, or a road toll is not something that OTAG would ever consider supporting - Kevin MacDonald, OTAG

Don't wait for the NDP - get a 15% discount on car insurance today

The NDP have called for a 15% reduction in car insurance. I have to admit it is very popular - and why wouldn't it be. Cutting people's bills is always popular for political parties. The difficulty with populist agendas is they frequently have no effect (e.g. regulating gasoline prices weekly), or have unexpected side effects (e.g. shifting wealth to the rich).