Encourage Direct Participation in Municipal Elections

In Ontario we are blessed with the freedom to vote and choose our leaders democratically. The act of voting will always be the most important part of the process but we must also remember that voters need to have someone they want to vote for. Running for office is a daunting task for new challengers, but it is important that we encourage people to run in order to have a diversity of opinion during elections and ultimately at the council table.

Ottawa's Put Food in the Budget Challenge

On Monday I will be joining Ottawa's Put Food in the Budget Challenge Team to raise awareness of the need to improve the food options available to people who are on social assistance. The challenge is to walk for a week in someone else's shoes. Starting Monday I will be eating only what the Partage Vanier foodbank has determined is a typical diet for someone on social assistance.

Discussing governance in Ottawa

Over the last few months there has been a great discussion about governance in Ottawa. The candidates for mayor and city councillor have taken positions on budget processes, burrough councils, transit commissions and even mobile council committees.  None of that happens in a vacuum. Candidates are coming up with these ideas because voters are getting frustrated. We want City Hall to work better and it's becoming clear that how we govern ourselves is as important as our vision for Ottawa's future.

AIDS Walk for Life Ottawa

On September 25th I'm walking in the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life. We've got a team registration going and I would love for you to join us or sponsor our team. Our fundraising goal is $300.  Join or sponsor the team online:

Donations by cheque can be made out to "AIDS Walk for Life Ottawa" - contact me and we'll arrange a pickup.

Western LRT - Brainstorming

After the first Western LRT public consultation meeting in June I reached out to other attendees to see if there was interest in having an extra informal discussion.  There was a lot of interest and we're meeting tonight to brainstorm and share the different viewpoints we all have on the topic. Eric Darwin has already provided a good synopsis of the situation.