The Lego Movie: Everything is not Awesome.

Everything is not awesome.

So, yeah - The Lego Movie. It passes the Bechdel test with a three sentence exchange between Wyldstyle and Unikitty, though the first sentence is actually Unikitty addressing every character as a group. Arguably the same could be said for the third sentence. Around 10 seconds in a 100 minute movie. That's 0.16% of the movie. Weak.

The asterisk on a "pass" rating really makes sense now:

Using small data to illustrate what Big Data can do

I'm using the Twitter API to scrape some data for a few projects I'm working on. From the scrape of my own account it's interesting to see the relationships that pop out - even in a rudimentary analysis of my tweets. The data I've pulled together is from:

  • All of my own tweets (and who is mentioned in those tweets).
  • All tweets where I'm mentioned (and everyone who is mentioned in those tweets).

Ok. So what?

Apple TV Screen Saver: a blank screen or black screen

Santa brought me an Apple TV for Christmas, which was excellent since he also brought me my first TV in about 10 years. I'm all around pleased with how the Apple TV box works with one exception: the screen-saver is fancy and nice, but lacks the only kind of screen saver I actually like: a blank screen.

I almost didn't bike to work today, twice.

In the end I did bike to work today. But I almost didn't, twice. At my front door I made a split second decision to check when the bus was coming and started pulling out my phone. Then I remembered my Presto card is still bungled and the idea of paying cash (again) was enough to get me on my bike instead.

I know I'll enjoy the ride once I start - but the small, tiny hurdle of getting started can still stop me. Not today!

Traffic and Parking By-Law Consolidated to January 2012

I asked for the updated Traffic and Parking by-law since there are so many concerns swirling around a cyclist getting a ticket for "taking the lane". Jump to Section 96.

This copy of the by-law includes all amendments up to January 2012. I've asked if there are any amendments not yet included. Will update here when I hear.

Consolidation 2011-530 Traffic and Parking By-Law Jan 2012

PMO in the Driver's Seat: The Game

A lunchtime distraction I created so you too could have a lunchtime distraction.

Click inside the playing area, then use your left and right arrows to score talking points.

Side note: this was created using -- an educational programming tool suitable for kids and adults too. You can see how the game was constructed here and start hacking it right away if you like.