After Earth Hour

Earth Hour is just one hour out of the year - it is a chance to talk about climate change and connect with people who are as committed to seeing solutions happen as you are. Now, after Earth Hour, it's time to turn those connections into political action. Below I've prepared a few emails to all three levels of government and would encourage you to send them as your own, or customize them to match your own priorities. Change begins with you! I've added myself as a CC to the email list - I'd also like to know what you have to say.

City of Ottawa

Click here to email Ottawa City Council and encourage them to act quickly on climate change. We need them to follow through on today's Ottawa Greenhouse Gas Roundtable.

Provincial Action

Click here to email Green Party leader Mike Schreiner, Premier Wynne, NDP leader Andrea Horwath, and PC leader Tim Hudak. The Ontario budget is about to be tabled and we need it to push Ontario towards a sustainable future. If you're looking for additional inspiration, the GPO have released our recommendations for the budget.

Federal Action

It almost feels pointless to email the Prime Minister about climate change, doesn't it? But if I've learnt anything from watching Elizabeth May in the House of Commons, it's that there is never a good time to give up. Click here to email Elizabeth and the other federal party leaders asking them to bring in a federal carbon tax. Economists know it's the right thing. The media know it's the right thing. You and I know it's the right thing. Now we just need MPPs to conclude it's the only way Canada will be able to compete in tomorrow's global energy-constrained economy.

Sign Up For Updates

If you share your email address with me, I'll share a newsletter with you. There are opportunities to get involved all year long. Sign up and I'll keep you in the loop.

What Else Can We Do?

I wrote up this page in about 30 minutes just before leaving for Parliament Hill tonight. It goes without saying that I haven't even begun to cover the possible actions we could all take. What's your idea? Leave a comment below and encourage people to take a concrete step towards ending climate change. We're all experts in some way - what's your idea?

Most Importantly: Never Give Up

Another admission: every year in the lead up to Earth Hour I question if it's worth all the time and effort. Should we focus on Earth Hour or do something else? Then Earth Hour actually happens and I'm fired up for another year. Thank you for participating - change is possible - sometimes the hardest part is simply believing change can happen. It can and does happen - so keep at it!.