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Dovercourt Swimming Schedule 2015/2016

This post is just for me so I can check the Dovercourt swimming schedule more easily from my phone. Because I am lazy like that. Really lazy.

Big fat index page

Turns out Google cannot reach into the federal government's open data page because the "robots.txt" file says it can't.

Leveraging the data portal's API I've created an index page of packages available via (WARNING: it's 20MB of nothing very interesting, other than to search robots). This will let Google find the meta data and will hopefully lead to more results showing up in Google searches.

Should know within a week or so. Google is very fast to update their search index these days.

Counting with Counterpoint

The City of Ottawa has a few automated bike counters and they provide valueable data. But the official bike count network will never be extensive enough to catch everything we might want to know. (Though Ottawa does have money for 225 live-video traffic cameras).

Emailed the City about bike lanes on O’Connor in the Glebe

Wrote this letter because Alex said so...

Do you think the City should stick to its plan to build bike lanes on O’Connor? Then you need to write the City right now. I believe we can change their course of cancelling the Glebe parts of the O’Connor bike lanes.

Open Letter - Municipal Elections Act Reforms - MPP Yasir Naqvi

UPDATE: My open letter was forwarded to Minister McMeekin. I received a response from him on May 6th. It's appended at the bottom of this page. I haven't heard of any official process for participating in the consultations. In the mean time, I'm sure your thoughts on this topic are welcome at the Ministry's email address:

Hello Yasir,

Things You Can Do: Emailing Committee of Adjustment

How do you move the needle on how your city evolves? Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easier. Commenting on Committee of Adjustment applications can be an easy one*.

The way CoA works is you have to show up to the meeting (April 15th in this case) in order to have legal rights in the process (notification of the written decision, the ability to appeal the decision to the OMB, etc). That said, if you email they will forward your comments to the Board, and the Board does take those comments into consideration.

Gender Breakdown of Sunshine List Top 100 Earning First Names

Here is a very quick, possibly flawed, analysis of gender represenation within the Ontario Sunshine list. I wanted to see how women are represented within the list and if any improvements are being made within the upper echelons of Ontario institutions.


Hello again, world. I've finally had time to delete my temporary 2014 campaign website and restore this personal one back into place. So here's a perfunctory post about that.

In the last few months I've thought of blog posts I could write - but didn't - for lack of a place to put them. Perhaps now I will write them, time willing. As a tangent, it's a good idea to own your own domain.

Fort Reading

That moment when you feel like a bad parent because you haven't spoken to your kid in an hour, then realize they're reading a book in the fort you helped them make an hour ago, and then you feel alright and then some.


Earth Hour 2014 on Parliament Hill - Ottawa

The Green party is hosting a candlelight vigil on Parliament Hill for Earth Hour again this year - this is becoming quite the tradition!

Lights out at 8:30 so arrive a bit early. We're handing out beeswax candles on a first-come first-candled basis.