Petition - Municipal Election Act reform - Corporate donations and transparency

What's this petition about?

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has opened a public consultation during its review of the Municipal Elections Act. After my own review of corporate donations made to City of Ottawa candidates in 2010 and 2014 I've come to the conclusion the province should

  • ban corporate donations outright;
  • or, give all municipalities the option of banning them like Toronto currently can;
  • fix the loopholes that make it impossible to audit corporate donations from similar corporations;
  • put someone in charge of ensuring all donations are made according to the rules (currently nobody is - it's the wild west).

It is very important that as many regular people as possible send in their thoughts on the MEA review. It is as simple as sending an email to

Even easier is to fill out the form below and click send. It's pre-filled with my letter (which you can optionally edit to your liking). An email will be sent right away.

Who are you, why are you doing this, and what are you going to do with my name and email?

I'm Kevin O'Donnell and I run a website called that tracks lots of things that happen at the City of Ottawa. One of those things is a database of municipal election donations.

Having spent a lot of time with the data, it has become clear to me that the reforms I've suggested below are desperately needed. So in addition to sending my own letter, I'm asking people who think the same thing to send their own. Since I have computer skills, I've made it as easy as putting in your name and email, then clicking send.

As of June 2 @ noon, 14 people have signed the petition. You may think that sounds small but I can assure you they've already noticed. Can we get it to 25?

I know this campaign can make a big difference. Your name & email won't end up in any databases, other than mine, and I'll only contact you about this issue. If the government doesn't take our advice, I may ask you to send another letter.


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